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                  Taizhou Lisheng Decorative Light & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 1998, has been specialized in manufacturing and exporting Light chains and Rope lights. Light chains include LED light chains and Mini bulb light chains, etc. LED light chains are our strength, we make different kinds of LED light products of low voltage and high voltage, in various motifs such as stars, trees, ect. We are definitely the leading factory in making rope lights, be LED or micro bulb, be in straight or different motifs, we can make them. Customerized products are often made here.       The factory has introduced advanced technology and production machines. With more than 70 professionals and over 1000 staff, by using qualified materials, our products are certified by TUV, DEKRA, passed attestation of GS, CE, ROHS,BS, KEMA, etc.        We firmly believe that high quality products are the lifeline of a factory, so we ha...
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